My Origin Story

Hi! I'm Sushanth. A childish human trying to do things he loves to do. Accidental Author, UI/UX Designer & a full time Tech Enthusiast. I live life in the "moment" when I can. A dopamine-dependant lifeform, professional web ninja & a Google fanboy with a passion for all it's products.

Aside from tech, I am an Aviation Enthusiast & a hardcore gamer.

My Core Values


To be genuine & vulnerable.


Being aware & conscious of the present.


Dwell on the good.

Making A Difference.

Inspire one, then the next.



I currently live in Bengaluru, Karnataka, IN! I've lived here as long as I can remember. It's a city thriving in tech, greenery and rich culture. I grew up cycling these streets, snacking on delicious things and enjoying tropical weather throughout.

I code, design and write all my books from my workspace at the heart of Bangalore. Although K'taka will always be my home, I'd love to experience new countries, cultures and breathtaking experiences wherever I go.

Artists I Jam to

I listen to a ton of POP & EDM. I also fancy Game & Movie Soundtracks. That is probably why you'll see Hans Zimmer included here.

Favorite Books of all time

I have a very niche selection that I love, but mostly they're either related to personal dev or a captivating story that I binge for weeks!