Being Minimal : A Memoir

Traditionalism is often a concept that many people are forced to medicate themselves with ever since they are born. An unrealistic expectation of society’s rules that you must follow. You must get a 9-5 job; you must have a steady income & you must meet unofficial rules collectively agreed upon by society. On the contrary, Minimalism is a lifestyle that focuses on what's truly important. It's a beacon of hope to those who want to live life free of excessive consumerism & focus on their health, growth & contribution towards the world.

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Main Characters

Short Insight into their lives.

Carl Stamenovic

Fictional Character

Carl Stamenovic is a millenial and leads an average life. He works for a 9-5 job and is in a constant delusion that he leads a productive lifestyle. When he takes an evening stroll one day, he notices a crowd around a neighborhood bookstore. Watch the events unfold in front of carl's eyes in the book.

Ava Johnson

Fictional Character

Ava & Nicole were always best friends since school. When they find out that they had labelled the relationship, things don't go according to plan. They get into fights and petty arguments almost every day. Learn how they overcome this battle through acceptance & the power of labelling.


An insight into the timeline

  • What is Minimalism?

    Is there a definition of being a minimalist? What is Minimalism? Is there a textbook definition? Sometimes the things we own weigh us down more than we think. In this chapter we understand how we can mould minimalism into our lives and why we do things the way we do.

  • Confusing motion for progress

    We are very delusional when it comes to productivity. We lay on the couch, watch tv for hours, work for two hours and still declare that we were productive. What does it take to be productive? Just being happy in what we do? Or is it based on a merit that someone else declares?

  • Trible Inclusion

    A hardvard study was conducted where they studied a bunch of people for seventy five years on what made them happy. In this chapter, we learn what Robert Waldinger had to say and what makes us happy.

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4th February 2020