Midnight Dreams : An Anthology

This Edition of Short Stories brings together the collection by Sushanth Shajil which showcases the Storyteller’s skill like never before. Every Reader will have their own favorites; The Anthology ranges from stories that make you laugh, to stories that bring you to tears. The Stories held in these pages are almost irresistible; cleverly plotted and contain amazing storylines. From the magnitude of motherly love showcased in the -Perennial Affection to the Anger from theloss of a best friend in -Perfidy, this book takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions that get you up on your feet.

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An insight into the timeline

  • Magnanimity

    The Clock Strikes Half past 8. The rumbling could be heard as the train made it’s way to the next stop. Broken Lights, Broken Manners. An old woman, fairly in her 70’s held onto the bars and got down prudently,step-by-step. With Not much luggage to carry, she took little steps and made her way to the nearby bench. What will happen after she meets the little girl?

  • Lament Nights

    Emily & Jeff were happily married at last. Jeff had a intense ardour towards fighting for his country, he had made a promise to himself, to follow his dream after he got married. The Happy couple moved to a small house, in South Dakota to start a family. The family falls apart after Jeff finds an old woman in his kitchen.

  • Indigence

    On A Cold Christmas Night. Streets filled with Tranquility & Silence as the snow poured down. The Entire Neighborhood lit up with lights. All she could afford was to feel the warm comfort of family from afar. Will she survive?

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November 23rd, 2017


Young Adult