Unspoken Ardour

Ethan Noceau is an awkward nineteen year old who couldn't really get a hold of what was happening in his life. His best friend Jason, who also had a similar disability stuck with him throughout. Little did they know that their entire lives were about to be rewritten when they meet two girls, Emma & Nicole who also had a similar relationship like theirs, but was far more unexplainable.

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Main Characters

Short Insight into their lives.

Ethan Noceau

Fictional Character

People always stress about the future or the past. I like to live in the present. I think one of the things I like about myself is that I'm always calm, no matter what. You could say that was my secret superpower; and I'm proud of it.

Jason Black

Fictional Character

I'm daring. (Don't let Ethan tell you otherwise). I'm a pretty awesome guy to be honest. I am quite popular and I honeslty like the attention. It's not everyday people get to flaunt who they truly are. I like to tackle things head on when I can.

Emma Davis

Fictional Character

I like exploring. It's insane that some poeple spend their entire lives stuck in a small town or city. Why stop there when there's a whole out there to conquer? I honeslty don't see the point.

Nicole Williams

Fictional Character

Emma is my best friend and I'd do anything for her in a heartbeat! I have a thing for guys who know exactly what they're doing with their lives. And overall, I'm great person to hang out with.


An insight into the timeline

  • Jason & Ethan plan to take a small excursion

    The two best friends plan to break free and go on a small vacation when they run into Nicole & Emma. What seemed like a start to great friendship turns out to be a hunt for a missing person.

  • Gone, but not forgotten

    There was something about Emma Davis that was just right. All Ethan ever did was listen to what she had to say. No one really knew her, but he was starting to.

  • Who was she really?

    Sometimes, people are not who them seem to be. Unspoken Ardour brings out a tale of a group of people who's friendship turns out to be something far more than the ordinary.

About the Book

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August 1, 2018


Young Adult