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I'm Sushanth Shajil

A Product Designer who loves creating user-centric interactions & delightful experiences. Apart from UI/UX Design, I'm also a published author, a Front-end Engineer, & a Motion graphic artist.

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"To achieve great things, two things are needed: A plan and not quite enough time."

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Being Minimal : A Memoir

Traditionalism is often a concept that many people are forced to medicate themselves with ever since they are born.

An unrealistic expectation of society’s rules that you must follow. You must get a 9-5 job; you must have a steady income & you must meet unofficial rules collectively agreed upon by society.

On the contrary, Minimalism is a lifestyle that focuses on what's truly important. It's a beacon of hope to those who want to live life free of excessive consumerism & focus on their health, growth & contribution towards the world.